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Join a new committee!

The Town is looking for 7 community representatives to participate on a new, ad hoc, committee. The purpose of this committee is to have community representatives provide feedback and insight to the consultants charged with the task of the Town's new initiative: a feasibility study looking into the potential of an outdoor aquatics center in Johnstown. The Town decided to commit to this feasibility study because residents of Johnstown requested that the Town explore outdoor pool options. This feasibility study will provide valuable data to Town Council and Town Administration about the potential for an outdoor pool area to determine if it is in the best interest of residents to invest in this type of recreation. The committee will meet monthly (unless the committee decides otherwise) from February - September. Deadline for applications is February 10.

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Share your feedback on Downtown brand designs!

We are looking for your feedback on our new Downtown Identity Brand. This brand should reflect our Historic Downtown and the vision of our Community for the Downtown. Each presented design has been created using the feedback and input of our community throughout 2022. Thank you for sharing what you know with us so far, learn more about the Downtown Identity brand designs and the Downtown Identity brand project by clicking the link below and starting January 30, you can share your feedback about suggested design ideas during our Brand Week. 

Brand Week Times and Locations

Monday, 30 January
7-9am at the YMCA
10:30am-12:30pm at the Urban Egg
3-5pm at Hays Market

Wednesday, 1 February
10am-12pm at the Senior Center
1-3pm at the Library

Thursday, 2 February
7-9am at the YMCA
11:30am-1:30pm at Santiagos
4-6pm at the YMCA

Saturday, 4 February
11am-1pm at the YMCA
2-4pm at Red Barn Liquor

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Include your feedback in the Land Use Code Community Working Draft

Click on the button below for the Land Use & Development Code Community Working Draft. You can leave comments and feedback in the form on this webpage. These comments will be submitted to the Planning and Development Department at the Town. You are also welcome to drop feedback or a red-lined copy off at the Town Hall. 

Land Use Code Working Draft




Jamie Barker, Communications Manager 


Facebook: @TownofJohnstown

Twitter: @JohnstownColo


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