JPD Trading Cards Program



Non-emergencies call 970-356-1212 x4


Email: admin@johnstownpolice.org


Main Office Line: 970-587-5555

Substation Line: 970-587-3119

2021 Trading Card Collection Competition



If you have been collecting the Johnstown Police Department Trading Cards from all of the officers, then you are already one step ahead to begin this competition. All you need to do is collect 15 or more cards from the Johnstown Police Officers that you see around Town or at the Police Department and submit your collection to enter to win!

**Please make sure that all cards can be seen in the photo submitted OR submit multiple photos. If you are unable to enter, come into the Police Department at 430 South Parish Ave to enter!**

On October 15, there will be a drawing of all eligible entries and 5 winners will be contacted via phone or email to pick up their Johnstown Cash!

Call the Police Department (970-587-5555) or email communications@johnstownco.gov for more information.

Check out the card list below to check which Officer cards you might still need!


2021 Series - Current Series

The Johnstown Police Department is currently distributing the 2021 Series JPD trading cards. This series is set to run from June 2021 - December 2022. There is a total of 30 sets of cards in this series, ranging from Officer cards to vehicle, location, program, and PD unit cards. The 2021 Series will gain a few more cards up until December 2022 and various collector's competitions will be announced throughout the months. 

Below is a list of the launched sets in the 2021 Series - have you collected them all?

  1. Chief Phillips Card
  2. Commander Sanchez Card
  3. Lieutenant Oglesby Card
  4. Sergeant Dickerson Card
  5. Sergeant Williams Card
  6. Sergeant Brown Card
  7. Sergeant Timme Card
  8. Detective Slocum Card
  9. Detective Garcia Card
  10. Officer Perry Card
  11. Officer Blackburn Card
  12. Officer Otero Card
  13. Officer Olds Card
  14. Officer Cygan Card
  15. Officer Grounds Card
  16. Officer Zoss Card
  17. Officer Rashid Card
  18. Officer Ward Card
  19. Officer Flessner Card
  20. Officer Wild Card
  21. Officer Morgan Card
  22. Officer Kelley Card
  23. Officer Dudley Card
  24. Officer Kehr Card
  25. Officer Jaramillo Card
  26. K9 Unit/Handler Card
  27. Substation Card
  28. Headquarters Card
  29. Victim Advocates Card
  30. Proud to Support the Special Olympics Card