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Flushing Reminders: Careful what you put down the pipes!

The Town of Johnstown would like to remind residents to be mindful when flushing items down the toilet. Only flush the “3 P’s": pee, poo, & (toilet) paper. Flushing other items or materials down the toilet—even if they're labeled as flushable—can seriously clog your pipes. It can also create a backup at the Town's wastewater treatment facility that Utilities Department staff then have to sort out. 

Johnstown Watering Schedule In Effect Starting 7/19/2022

On July 18, Town Council passed a resolution implementing Level 2 outdoor water restrictions, requiring that homes limit outdoor watering to every other day based on house number. Additionally, homes will be tasked with watering either in the morning from 12am-10am or in the evening from 6pm-11:59pm. The goal of this watering schedule is not to prevent irrigation, but to be more purposeful with the demand on water so that the water tanks have time to refill for continued use for the entire community.

Siren Malfunction - Clearview Subdivision

There was a malfunction of the Clearview Subdivision tornado siren at the morning of June 22, 2022. The malfunction was brought to the attention of the Police Department and Public Works Department and Public Works worked quickly to turn the siren off. Public Works will assess the issue and repair as needed. 

Please make sure that you are prepared for severe weather and not reliant on outdoor alert systems (tornado sirens) to notify you of incoming dangerous or severe weather. The resources below can help you be more informed about severe weather issues coming to our area. 

Road Closure: CR46.5 from CR17 to CR19 from 6/6-6/13

There is a full closure of CR46.5 from CR17 to CR19 that will start on June 6, 2022 and last until June 13, 2022. Alternate route is expected for travelers moving east or west.

There is a full closure of CR46.5 (the road just south of the Johnstown Community YMCA) from CR17/Parish to CR19. Vehicles will not be able to move east or west on CR46.5 during this closure. Vehicle traffic should travel along HWY 60 east or west and connect to CR17 or CR19 at the appropriate place.