Johnstown Outdoor Watering Schedule

Water Schedule in effect starting JUNE 1, 2023

In May, Town Council passed Resolution 2023-21 declaring level 2 drought conditions. The resolution implements an outdoor watering schedule for residents and commercial properties in an effort to prioritize residents indoor water needs. With potable water capacity nearly at maximum in the summers, the activity of outdoor watering on a schedule gives the Town’s water system the opportunity to meet demand by evening out demand during periods of extreme heat.

The Town is actively working on a number of projects which will mitigate the need for watering schedules once complete: this includes the water treatment plant expansion and the new South Water Tank. 

All HOA public spaces and green belts should follow EVEN numbered housing watering: watering on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday either in the morning from 12am-10am or in the evening from 6pm-11:59pm.

Watering schedule info for RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL properties watering with potable (treated) water

Watering can only occur either in the morning 12am-10am or in the evening 6pm-11:59pm according to house number and day

EVEN numbered homes (ending in 0,2,4,6,8) water on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday either in the morning or evening

ODD numbered homes (ending in 1,3,5,7,9) water on Monday Wednesday, and Friday either in the morning or evening

*Please note: Properties that water with non-potable water (water that is not treated to drinking level standards) are exempt from the outdoor watering schedule as non-potable water does not process through the Town's water treatment plant*

Tips for Water Conservation

Changing common water-wasting habits around the home is a great way to save both water and money! Here a few easy ways you can conserve water around the house, courtesy of Colorado State University and Water Education Colorado:
•    Leak test your toilet cheaply by dropping a few drops of food coloring into your toilet’s tank, waiting 25 minutes, and then checking your toilet bowl — If the color has spread to the bowl, you’ve got a leak
•    Use a broom or blower to clean your driveway and sidewalk
•    Colorado state law allows residents to collect rainwater runoff from the roof in rain barrels, up to a max of two barrels with a combined capacity of 110 gallons per household
Want more water conservation tips? Check out some of the resources below for more ways to save water:

Best Practices for Lawn Care – Colorado State University

How to Save water Inside and Outside the Home – Water Education Colorado

Taking on a Xeriscaping project can take a serious amount of time and investment, but it can also lead to serious savings on your water bill. 
Below, we’ve compiled a list of resources to assist you in the process of planning and completing your first Xeriscaping project. The Town of Johnstown does not currently offer any incentives for Xeriscaping, but we hope the information below can be useful in helping you achieve your Xeriscaping goals:

5 Ways To Xeriscape On A Budget – Resource Central

Xeriscaping: Creative Landscaping – Colorado State University

Water Wise Landscaping – Colorado State University

Adding trees to your yard is a great way to support a greener environment, with a myriad of benefits—planting trees have been linked to lower energy bills and boosted property values. There are very few species of trees that are prohibited in the Town of Johnstown, and many more kinds that thrive in our environment! Check out the resource below to help inform your planting choices.

Approved & Recommended Tree List

Changing Days on your Automatic Irrigation System

Image of a stretch of farmland in Johnstown, with the Rocky Mountains in the background.