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Building Codes

Current Code Adoption, Effective June 29, 2023:

Colorado House Bill 09-1091 requires carbon monoxide alarms to be install in residential properties. Click here to read the bill text


Design Criteria

  effective 6/22/2020
Ground Snow Load 30psf
Wind Design:  
Speed (V) 115
Topographic effects No
Seismic Design Category B
Subject to Damage From:  
Weathering Severe
Frost Line 30 in.
Termite Slight to Moderate
Winter Design Temperature Degree F. 1
Ice Barrier Underlayment Required YES
Flood Hazard 26713
Air Freezing Index 1000
Mean Annual Temperature 43F

 Foundation Design

All foundation systems shall be engineered foundations designed by a Colorado licensed engineer. The engineered foundation shall be based upon a soils analysis for the specific location where the foundation is to be installed.
Exception: IRC detached accessory buildings may have a foundation system approved by the building official.