Certificates of Occupancy

 Building Official:
Jonathan Gesick - ProCode

Building Permit Technician:
Paula Langford

Fee Schedule


Certificate of Occupancy

Commercial Certificate Of Occupancy
Residential Certificate of Occupancy
The Town of Johnstown Municipal Code makes it unlawful to use or occupy a building unless a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) has been issued for that use. A CO is not issued for accessory uses or structures, such as a residential basement finish, or residential garages and residential storage buildings.
The CO certifies that the described building complies with the requirements of the Johnstown Municipal Code for the intended use and occupancy.
Certificate of Occupancy
The following items need to be approved before a certificate of occupancy is issued for residential and commercial permits.

  1. Final building inspection
  2. Final electrical inspection
  3. Final fire inspection for commercial permits
  4. Landscaping for commercial, street tree(s) for residential
  5. Sidewalk, curb and gutter inspection (if applicable)
  6. Water meter and transponder installed
  7. Grading and drainage certification

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy
Under certain circumstances, a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) may be approved for commercial projects when the building official finds that the minimum Life, Health, and Safety requirements are complete and that no substantial hazard will result from occupancy of the building or portion thereof before the same is completed.
The building, electrical, and fire inspectors will need to determine that all life-safety issues have been satisfactorily addressed before a TCO can be issued.
Life-Safety Issues Include

  1. Address posted and subdivision street signs installed 
  2. Plumbing facilities complete
  3. Heating system and water heater to be complete
  4. All stairs, handrails, guardrails and means of egress approved
  5. Electrical final inspection approved
  6. Fire Department approval
  7. Health Department approval
  8. Any other issues at the inspector's discretion

The Building Official may approve a TCO for any period of time up to 180 days.

There is a $600.00 fee due for each TCO issued. $500.00 may be refunded if a CO is issued before the TCO expiration date, when requested in writing.