Critical Incident Response



Non-emergencies call 970-356-1212 x4


Email: pdadmin@johnstownco.gov


Main Office Line: 970-587-5555

Substation Line: 970-587-3119


The role of the CIRT will be to fully investigate the use of force, typically through the discharge of a firearm by an officer(s) at a human being. At the request of the involved agency’s CEO, the CIRT may investigate other use of force situations resulting in serious injury, as well as in-custody deaths or the death of a peace officer in the line of duty. All information received by the CIRT investigation will be turned over to the involved agency as well as the District Attorney.

Due to the location of Johnstown, we have signed MOU agreements with both Larimer County and Weld County. While our department falls within both jurisdictions, one member of our command staff is part of the Weld County Team. You can read the MOU agreements for both counties below.



Weld County Critical Incident Response Protocol

Larimer County Critical Incident Response Team