Johnstown's Community Survey - Now Open For Public Feedback

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The National Community Survey in Johnstown

In late November, the Town is launching a community survey administered by the National Research Center and Polco. First, random households throughout the Town of Johnstown will receive postcards asking for their input in our community survey. Following the random sampling of households, the survey will open to all residents. Responders to this survey remain confidential and only a data report built from the responses is shared with Town Administration so that Town Council and Town Administration can continue to identify priorities based off of YOUR feedback! 


Phase 1 - Town of Johnstown Random Sampling 

The first two weeks of data collection is the random sampling phase. Households that have been randomly selected to participate by the National Research Center will receive a postcard in the mail that invites them to participate. The random sampling was determined by the NRC and Polco using GIS data of all households within Town. Residents receiving the postcard and surveys are encouraged to take the survey either online or on paper and return it in the prepaid envelope.  

If your specific URL is not working or you are having issues with the online survey, first make sure you are using a supported web browser (Chrome or Firefox). 

Please do not return your survey to the Town of Johnstown. 

Why random sampling?

The National Research Center (NRC) has identified that a random sampling of households provides unique valuable data that can sometimes be missed when administering a survey via open community response alone. A direct household random sampling increases the chances of collecting data from a larger selection of people.

How are people chosen for the random sampling phase?

The Town of Johnstown provided the NRC and Polco with a list of all households within Town limits. NRC/Polco randomly selected addresses from this list to have the opportunity to take part in the random sampling phase. 

Phase 2 - Open Community Survey

The survey is now open to the public and will remain open until January 3 for feedback. You can take the survey in English or Spanish to provide your valuable feedback about Johnstown to Town administration!

Take the National Community Survey (English version) Take the National Community Survey (Spanish version)


Results and Feedback

Upon completion of the community survey, the NRC and Polco will provide a detailed report of survey feedback to the Town of Johnstown. This report should be available in January and will be shared with the Town Council and residents. Those interested, can find this information on this webpage when it is released. 

Please note, all survey responses are kept confidential with the NRC and Polco and only a report based on the survey feedback is shared with Town Staff.