Comprehensive Plan Update

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Comprehensive Plan Update

The Town of Johnstown is updating its Comprehensive Plan! We want to capture and articulate the community’s emerging priorities, values, and desires to help guide decision-making and community resources over the next 20 years.

Listening to and responding to the community and your thoughts is key to enhancing this planning effort. If you’ve ever pondered Johnstown’s challenges and opportunities, we want to hear from you! We invite you to get involved and share your input. Your involvement means that the Town's policies and programs are shaped 'by you' and 'for you'.

Comp Plan Timeline, we are in phase 3 which is developing a draft plan and then finalizing it
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Discussion Draft ready for your review!

Thank you for your continued dedication throughout the Johnstown Area Comprehensive Plan Update process. Your input has been invaluable and we hope you will see it reflected throughout the pages of the Discussion Draft. Please take the time to review this document and provide comments by the end of December. We truly appreciate your time in making sure this Plan is representative of the Johnstown community.

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Curious to know how we got here? Take a look at the Phase Engagement Summary below. Phase 2 will be updated shortly. 

View Phase 1 Summary

What's Next? Expect to see a Final Draft by the end of December. Adoption hearings will be held in January.