Greener Johnstown



Information related to programs, initiatives, and upcoming events that focus on nature and green sustainability within the Town of Johnstown. 

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How The Town of Johnstown Supports a Sustainable Future


The Town of Johnstown is proud to support a number of ‘green’ projects. Below, learn about a few programs and improvement projects that the Johnstown Town Council has allocated funding for.

Johnstown is a Tree City USA

Johnstown has been a Tree City USA for many years and in 2021, the Town of Johnstown regained its Tree City USA status. Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits of trees in our community, trees also play a role in keeping neighborhood temperatures cooler, keeping the air cleaner, and absorbing traffic noise. Visit the Arbor Day website to find more information about Tree City USA

Recreation Center Solar Program

In October 2021, the Town went out to Bid for a Solar Developer to install a Solar Photovoltaic System on the roof of the Johnstown Community YMCA (located at 165 Settler Way, Johnstown CO). The system, which was chosen by Council in December and should be installed by September 2022, is a 200.0kW-DC system. The estimated payback period of this solar system is about 12.5 years and estimated avoided utility costs over the coming 30 years with this system is around $820,000. 

“This project was undertaken in connection with the settlement of an enforcement action taken by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for alleged violations of the Colorado Water Quality Control Act.”

Outdoor Street Lighting Improvements Program

The Town has made LED light improvements (working with Xcel Energy) to Town neighborhoods including; Carlson Farms, Corbet Glenn, The Landings, Redstone Hills area (North 2nd - 7th St area), and in the neighborhood west of Aragon Park. Streetlighting systems within the Xcel territory inside the Town used old and antiquated lighting systems that are inefficient, cause more pollution due to energy demands, provide inadequate yellow light which impacts visibility and is not as safe as current LED white lighting systems. 

In total, 256 LED lights have replaced old light fixtures in the areas listed above in March 2022. This change over will reduce the energy demand and provide better visibility to vehicles and pedestrians. 

This program was estimated to cost around $161,654, but comes in under budget at $118,031.

“This project was undertaken in connection with the settlement of an enforcement action taken by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for alleged violations of the Colorado Water Quality Control Act.”

Arbor Day Tree Giveaway 2022 

In celebration of Arbor Day, the Town of Johnstown purchased 100 trees and distributed them for free on a first-come-first-served basis to Town residents. Residents were invited to pick up Arbor Day Tree Vouchers from Town Hall from April 1 - April 13, and redeem the voucher on April 14 or April 15 during designated tree pickup hours. The giveaway proved to be popular with residents, with all 100 vouchers being claimed by April 8 and residents commenting and sharing on social media about their new trees. 

Arbor Day Celebration Tour 

The Arbor Day Celebration Tour is a sustainable annual partnership between the Town of Johnstown (as a Tree City USA) and the local elementary schools to help promote and encourage excitement for the nature and trees in our Town (and the work that our Town is doing to make Johnstown greener). The Arbor Day Celebration ties together Earth Day (April 22), Arbor Day, and a summer of recycling education and water conservation to promote a greener and more sustainable place to live by asking 4th graders in all of our elementary schools to give mother nature a hand. The Mayor of Johnstown and other Town Council members will stop at each school to touch base with students on what it means to be a Tree City USA, to care about our environment, to give mother nature a hand, and to challenge them with Earth Stewardship. 


The 2022 Arbor Day Celebration Tour saw the Mayor and other Town Council members meet with students at Letford Elementary, Pioneer Ridge, and Riverview School. This year's tour included a Nature Promise activity in which students were tasked with decorating cutouts of their hands and inscribing them with personal promises to take care of their neighborhood and their green space. These hands were then placed onto 6-foot posters that were designed to have the hands resemble leaves on a tree. These Nature Promise posters will remain on display at Town Hall through summer 2022, so come by to get a glimpse of some of the promises made by local students.