Town of Johnstown Launches Johnstown Cash Program to Support Local Businesses

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The Town of Johnstown is launching its new Johnstown Cash Program on April 1 to encourage residents to shop local and support local businesses. Johnstown households will receive their Johnstown Cash in the mail within the coming month.

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Johnstown, CO – March 24, 2021 – To help local businesses and encourage more local shopping, the Town of Johnstown is launching its Johnstown Cash gift certificate program at the end of this month. The Town will be mailing every household in Johnstown a $20 gift certificate (called Johnstown Cash) throughout the month of April to be used at various participating businesses in Town.

“The Town Council and I are excited about our new Johnstown Cash program because it is a great way to encourage folks to shop locally,” said Town of Johnstown Mayor, Gary Lebsack. “These local businesses are our neighbors, friends and community members and the Johnstown Cash program not only supports them and their businesses (which are vital to the Town) but also gives back to the residents of our community.”

In early March, local businesses with a Town business license were contacted about being a part of the Johnstown Cash program. Over 20 businesses quickly showed interest in registering for the program, meaning that they would be able to accept the gift card currency, and as of March 23 there were 30 businesses signed up to take Johnstown Cash. Businesses taking part in the program range from restaurants to beauty salons, hardware stores to coffee shops, health and wellness centers to the grocery store.

As Johnstown Cash gift certificates are spent, businesses will be reimbursed by the Town for certificates that have been used to purchase their goods and services. While the Town does recommend that residents use the $20 in full while making a purchase, it is up to the participating businesses to determine how they would like to manage any remaining balance from the gift certificate. Ideally though, all Johnstown Cash is going right back into the community by being spent locally.

“The program will be going on for the year, until December 31, 2021!” added Mayor Lebsack. “So residents can decide to save the Johnstown Cash for Christmas or holiday gift spending or use it right away – but either way, our local businesses will be feeling the support.”

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