A Message About Water from the Town of Johnstown

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Please read through this message from the Town regarding Water and Sewer projects and related concerns. There is also a selection of resources at the bottom of the article for your convenience. 

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For those impacted by the recent water color and odor issues:

This weekend, the Town of Johnstown tested water samples from 14 impacted resident points around Town and the results have been returned from Colorado Analytical Laboratories confirming that the water is SAFE.

Public Works is still working to fix the issue but has moved the Town to neighboring water systems as of Friday (2/12) morning. Water should begin to clear up by the end of the weekend.

For those who are looking for more information about Town water:

First and foremost, the Town of Johnstown believes that its residents deserve better water service and to do that, the Town needs to generate adequate revenue in its Water Fund and Sewer Fund to perform and complete critical capital improvements in both the water and sewer operations. These are the two funds that feed the operation, management, and needed updates to our water and sewer infrastructure. Providing residents with the water service that they deserve is one of the top priorities of the Town.

With the proper funding, the Town of Johnstown will be able to: provide better water and sewer service that consistently meets State standards, address taste and odor issues, meet current water demands on the system from current residents, improve wastewater service, replace pipes that need replacing and do other projects within the approved budget that support current residents and are related to water and sewer services.

While the Town is working hard, and as efficiently as possible, to bring some of these changes to fruition, change like this does not happen overnight. You are welcome to use the below resources to check in on water and sewer infrastructure projects, learn more about how Town funds work, dive into the 2021 approved budget, have a closer look at the fee schedule and utility billing rates, and learn more about the water and sewer rate increase.



Jamie Desrosier, Communications Manager



Facebook: @TownofJohnstown

Twitter: @JohnstownColo


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