Brief Tornado Siren Test TUESDAY 8/10/2021 - Clearview neighborhood ONLY

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**EDIT: As of 3:05pm 8/10/21, the tornado siren test has been completed and the siren at Clearview has been repaired**

The Town of Johnstown has a scheduled tornado siren TEST for Tuesday, August 10 between 2:30-3pm for the CLEARVIEW neighborhood siren only (located within the Clearview Park). 

This test is being done in response to the Clearview neighborhood siren malfunction during the June all-Town siren test. Please see the below testing results from the June 25 test below.

Testing Results from the JUNE 24, 2021 SIREN TEST

Johnstown, CO - June 24, 2021 - Testing Results: The Town had Public Works and Police Department personnel at every siren to confirm functionality. The CLEARVIEW SIREN did not go off, which alerted us to a mechanical problem and an electrician immediately assessed the issue. The mechanical part that the CLEARVIEW SIREN needs for functionality to return, has been ordered and will be fitted in the coming weeks. A very brief isolated test of that siren will happen following the repair and more information with a date/time will be provided just prior to that happening. Thank you for your cooperation.