Johnstown 2020 Unofficial Election Results Available

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The Town of Johnstown thanks all citizens who submitted their mail-in ballot for the 2020 Johnstown Municipal Election.

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Johnstown, CO - April 7, 2020 -- Town of Johnstown Town Clerk, Diana Seele, has released the unofficial election results for the Town’s 2020 municipal election. The Office of the Town Clerk received a total of 2,559 ballots by 7pm on Election Day, April 7, 2020. There were three trustee positions and the Mayor’s position up for re-election. Three ballot measures were also being voted on in this election. In 10 days, the Town Clerk will announce official election results and information will be posted accordingly. Please see the full results below or on the Town of Johnstown website:

Candidate for Mayor Results

Gary L Lebsack - 1,956

Candidates for Trustee Results

Chad W. Young - 1,722

Damien S. Berg - 1,611

Troy D. Mellon - 1,615

Ballot Questions Results

Ballot Issue 1A: To approve a 0.5% Transportation Sales and Use Tax

Yes: 1,568

No: 843

Ballot Question 1B: Amending the Town of Johnstown Home Rule Charter

Yes: 1,861

No: 557

Ballot Question 1C: To Opt-Out of Senate Bill 152

Yes: 1,972

No: 465


Jamie Desrosier, Communications Manager


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