Johnstown New Watering Schedule for Residents - 2020

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The Town of Johnstown is implementing, for the first time, a watering schedule for residents. Odd numbered homes are asked to water from 10pm-12:30am. Even numbered homes are asked to water from 3am-5:30am. Effective immediately.

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Johnstown, CO – July 10, 2020 – With extreme temperatures the past week, water usage has soared. Public Works Director Marco Carani noted at the Town Council Meeting on Monday night, that the Town is experiencing peak water demand two times every day. These peaks cause draining of the water tanks and make them difficult to refill appropriately.

      “Johnstown residents average the highest water use between 3am-6am and 9pm12am,” said Marco Carani. “Our water storage tanks are losing about 100,000 gallons of water an hour during these times and if it continues at this rate, the concern is an impact to fire flows during these hours.”

The solution? A watering schedule which will aim to solve the problem of residents all choosing to water at the same time. The schedule requests that odd numbered homes water from 10pm-12:30am and that even numbered homes water from 3am-5:30am. “Implementing a watering schedule like this will, hopefully, even out the demand so that the tanks have time to refill,” said Carani. “Ultimately, our goal is to reduce the consumption of water during these peak times by 20%.”

Public Works says that if the new watering schedule is ineffective, then a stricter watering schedule will need to be put into place. The Town will keep all residents informed if this is the case. Click here for utility billing information.


Jamie Desrosier, Communications Manager


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