Johnstown Officials: No Current Emergency Concerns Regarding Johnstown Reservoir Dam

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Town of Johnstown Officials note that there are no plans to implement evacuation measures regarding information related to the Johnstown Reservoir dam. Further, the dam structure is not at risk of collapse and residents are not currently at risk of flooding.

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Johnstown, CO – September 25, 2020 – On account of safety-first protocols during a planned State Inspection this afternoon at the Johnstown Reservoir dam, there was a swift response to a concern which, after further investigation, resulted in a non-emergency situation. Some residents might have heard about potential evacuation plans as a result of a compromised/flooding dam; at this time, the Town, and the State Inspectors, can confirm that there is no concern of flooding nor plans for evacuations for residents in the area

While the dam was being inspected, a small leak was found near the overflow structure of the dam. Upon closer inspection, Public Works employees determined the small leak to be coming from a slightly deflated air plug. Public Works has since reinflated the plug which has stopped the leak.

While the reservoir serves as one of the Town’s primary water supply sources, there should be no impact to Town water pressure or Town drinking water and, at this time, residents should have no concerns regarding safety. The Town will continue to monitor this situation and plans to permanently repair the emergency overflow structure of the dam in the near future. 


Jamie Desrosier, Communications Manager


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