Johnstown Outdoor Watering Schedule for 2023

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Johnstown water customers are being asked to begin their water conservation practices when watering outdoors as the weather gets hotter. Starting on June 1, the Town will implement an outdoor watering schedule for water customers. Water customers will be tasked with carrying out their outdoor watering and irrigation 3 days a week from 12am-10am or from 6pm-11:59pm.

Johnstown, CO – May 12, 2023 – Starting on June 1, the Town of Johnstown will implement an outdoor watering schedule. The schedule requires that outdoor watering for:

  • ODD NUMBERED HOMES (ending in 1,3,5,7,9) occur on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY during the morning hours of 12am-10am or the evening hours of 6pm-11:59pm
  • EVEN NUMBERED HOMES (ending in 0,2,4,6,8) occur on TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY during the morning hours of 12am-10am or the evening hours of 6pm-11:59pm
  • No watering will occur on Sunday.

Ex: Jamie lives on 750 Town Lane. As a resident of an even numbered home she will water her yard in the morning or in the evening, either from 12am-10am or from 6pm-11:59pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Johnstown joins a number of neighboring municipalities in establishing an outdoor watering schedule for 2023. With the expected heat this summer and estimated water use by the community, the goal of a watering schedule is to spread the demand on water out over the week and at various times so that the Town’s water tanks have time to refill for continued use by the entire community. This spring, Town water utilities is seeing a similar use to previous years. For this reason, the Town is taking a proactive approach which will allow residents to begin to create lawn/grass resiliency and set irrigation systems early in the season.

The goal of this watering schedule is not to prevent irrigation, but to be more purposeful with the demand on treated water. Currently ongoing Utilities Capital Improvement Projects that will help mitigate this summer water issue, when complete, are the Water Treatment Plant Expansion, the South Water Tank, and the upsizing of the raw water trunk line from the Town’s supply ditch.

As of today, the Town is also doing its part to lessen the demand on the water treatment plant by making improvements to the operations of Town park irrigation systems that use potable water, as well as communicating with HOAs and other commercial properties in Town on potable water about the upcoming watering schedule.

The watering schedule, information about non-potable water, resources for conserving water and developing more resilient grass, and more are available on the Town’s website at



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