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"Hey Johnstown, let's chat utilities!"

Did you know... Prior to 2021, utilities in Johnstown were billed much lower than what is necessary to support and maintain good water treatment, wastewater, and sewer systems (rates were also much lower than our surrounding cities and towns).

When you pay your utility bill, you should be paying for:

  • The wastewater, sewer, and water treatment systems that serve you! Such as:
    • general operating costs
    • maintenance
    • upgrades to the system to stay in compliance and continue good service
    • having a systems that meets current demands

Having a rate similar to surrounding municipalities can indicate the importance of funds to support the water/wastewater infrastructure.

The rate increase for water and wastewater in utility billing for 2021 will get you the #ServiceJohnstownDeserves. 


Jamie Desrosier, Communications Manager


Facebook: @TownofJohnstown

Twitter: @JohnstownColo