Johnstown Wednesday Garbage Collection - service still scheduled to happen

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**For those stilling missing a garbage can, garbage can lid, or have a broken garbage can or broken garbage can lid, please call Town Hall (970-587-4664) during regular business hours M-F 8am-5pm to let Town Hall know. Be prepared to provide your name, address, a good phone number or email, and the details of your issue. You can also provide this information on the Town's Facebook.**
Edit 5/12/2023


With this morning's storm, the Town is aware that some garbage cans have migrated away from their residents' homes. Please know that the Town and Waste Connections are working together to provide collection today as Public Works Crews clean up in areas. 

As clean up continues to happen, more garbage totes will be located and returned to their nearest neighborhood. If you lost your garbage tote in this storm it will likely be in the neighborhood ready to claim. 

If you notice a large collection of garbage totes in front of one home or the curb and they are upright (ready to be collected) please take a moment to separate the totes with 3 feet of space so that Waste Connections can empty them. Public Works clean up crews will also be assisting in this as they see it happening. Waste Connections will collect all garbage in totes that are on the curb and a safe distance from other totes/cars. 

Over the next day, as garbage cans are found and returned to their streets (and owners) by the Public Works clean up team and community members, be sure to grab a garbage can if you are missing yours.

Jamie Barker, Communications Manager


Facebook: @TownofJohnstown

Twitter: @JohnstownColo

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