North 2nd Bridge Project 2021-2022 Updates Archive

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This information was previously hosted on the Town's Capital Improvement Projects page which features active CIP updates. Upon completion, this project information and updates were moved to this page so that it can still be accessed and searched. 


The North 2nd Street Bridge project aims to widen the existing box culvert bridge crossing the Hillsborough Ditch in order to provide safe and reliable travel for vehicles and pedestrians commuting to and from Roosevelt High School. The North 2nd Bridge Project aims to address an unsafe squeeze point for both vehicles and pedestrian as well as to straighten the overall roadway alignment. Design and Construction is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2021 with construction occurring after irrigation season.

May 2022 Update - This project is complete. No further updates provided. 

April 2022 Update - North 2nd Street is ready for you Johnstown! With construction complete, pavement operations wrapped up, and pedestrian needs accommodated... North 2nd Street is now completely open to through traffic and is safer than ever before. 

With construction having started the second week of January, this project has lasted just shy of 3.5 months (the road was officially open the week of April 18). Finishing up a month ahead of schedule, the North 2nd Street Bridge Project cost just around $1 million. The project included a brand new box culvert (unofficially the part ‘under’ the bridge that the water goes through), new wing walls (the wings coming out of the bridge that help to direct water to under the bridge), new curbs, new pedestrian sidewalls, and pedestrian sidewalks.

In the past, the North 2nd Street Bridge could just barely accommodate 2 vehicles passing and has been an unnecessarily unsafe squeeze point for regular traffic and daily school traffic. Construction improvements have made this area a much safer and far more reliable route for vehicles, as well as pedestrians. Thank you, Johnstown (specifically area residents) for your patience and understanding as we made this much needed improvement. 

March 2022 Update - In March crews finished box culvert staining and prepped the area for pavement onto the south road as well as over the bridge. This project is estimated to be complete by the end of April. 

February 2022 Update - Work continues on the North 2nd Street Bridge project with full street closure over the bridge in place. This month, new box culverts were installed and preparation is being done for the construction of the bridge's wing walls in March. Wing walls will protect the area around the bridge from erosion as water collects in the ditch and moves under the bridge. Paving for this project will likely begin in early April. The project is on track for completion by the end of April. 

January 2022 Update - Construction is beginning on the North 2nd Street Bridge project on January 25, 2022! Construction will impact traffic use of the road as the road will be closed completely to all traffic from Canal Ave to Columbine. Area residents and those commuting to/from Roosevelt High School are encouraged to rely on the detours to move through the neighborhood. The most reliable streets, at this time, are Charlotte St (east to west) and North Greeley/North Fremont (north to south). The road will be closed until mid-April for the construction of a safer and more pedestrian friendly bridge. You can find more information about the start of the project here. Detour and closure maps below. 

Google Map image with green lines along CR17, Charlotte St, North Fremont, and North Greeley. A red box sits between Columbine and Canal on the map indicating closure.

Map of North 2nd Street from North Greeley to CR17 with scattered indicators of detour and road closed signage

December 2021 Update - The Town continues to work through the design for this project in partnership with the Hillsboro Ditch Company. 

November 2021 Update - Data collection for this project is complete and the design has been submitted to the Hillsboro Ditch Company for review/approval. 

October 2021 Update - Public Works and Connell Resources continues to work on project design for this project. The Town is also working with the Hillsboro Ditch Company. Currently utility data and information is being gathered to assist in the design phase and the anticipated timeframe for design to be complete is in Quarter 1, 2022.

September 2021 Update - The contract for this project has been finalized and the kick off meeting was in September. Public Works staff and Connell Resources have begun working on project design.

August 2021 Update- The RFP for this project has been awarded to Connell Resources, Inc. at the August 16 Town Council Meeting. Public Works Staff is working with Connell to finalize the contract and start the project design. 

July 2021 Update - The RFP for this project will be awarded by the end of August. 

June 2021 Update - The RFP for this project is now out and staff is waiting for the application period to end to assess. 

April 2021 Update – Staff is working on an RFP that will be issued in May/June to obtain a Consultant for the design and coordination of a new box culvert bridge structure.


This information was previously hosted on the Town's Capital Improvement Projects page which features active CIP updates. Upon completion, this project information and updates were moved to this page so that it can still be accessed and searched. 



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