Road Work Update - CR 3

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Road Work Update - May 14, 2021 - The Town of Johnstown is aware of the lengthy thru-traffic road closure of County Road 3 and it's impact on Johnstown and area residents. 

County Road 3 will be undergoing work to install a new bridge as well as install and repair water and sewer lines. The project work has already been approved by the Town and work will be starting May 17, weather permitting. 

Project elements are as follows:
The sewer line contractor will be installing sewer line from the entrance of the Wastewater Treatment Plant South to 402 as one of the first aspects of the project. This work is expected to take until June 17 when the final tie in will be completed on the south side of 402. 

Starting the week of May 16, work will be conducted on the parapet walls on the box culvert, installing Jersey barriers alongside of the box culvert so that work can continue when the road opens up.

The road is estimated to open on June 20, weather permitting, and will remain open for 60-90 days until underground electric utilities are ready to be installed in late Summer. After this electrical work is completed underground, the road will reopen and will occasionally shift to a one lane road periodically as work on the road, storm and water lines finishes up.

This project work is being done by the Town of Johnstown as well as outside developers and contractors and elements of the schedule are determined by all involved participants. 


Jamie Desrosier, Communications Manager


Facebook: @TownofJohnstown

Twitter: @JohnstownColo


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