Town of Johnstown Continues to Explore Municipal Broadband

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In the April 2020 Johnstown municipal election, residents voted to opt-out of Senate Bill 152 (which limits local government in relation to broadband). As a result, the Town is now exploring municipal broadband opportunities. Please note, the research being conducted does not promise or guarantee the implementation of a municipal broadband plan in Johnstown.

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Johnstown, CO - April 13, 2021 - In the Town of Johnstown’s 2020 municipal election, residents voted to opt-out of Senate Bill 152, meaning that the Town could begin to explore and have the flexibility in expanding, enhancing, or creating new broadband services for residents and local businesses. Right now, the Town is in the process of hiring a contractor to conduct a needs assessment and feasibility study for municipal broadband. A study like this is important so that Town administration and Council are able to decide if municipal broadband has value for the Town or if a public or public-private partnership is better for broadband services in the area.

"Connectivity is important to the Town of Johnstown, especially over the last year as students school-from-home and much of the work force works-from-home," said Mayor Lebsack, with the Town of Johnstown. "I am excited that the Town is researching the option of municipal broadband and I am hopeful that in the coming year, the Johnstown Community will have more opportunity to explore and partner with internet resources and providers.”

Opting-out of Senate Bill 152 (which limits a local governments authority to provide, or participate in the provision of, advanced services, telecommunication services, cable television services, and/or broadband services) was just the first step in the Town being able to consider municipal (or regional) broadband and was no guarantee that Johnstown would pursue the option. In February, Johnstown issued the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the feasibility study in partnership with neighboring municipalities: Berthoud, Mead, and Milliken. At this time, the Town of Johnstown is considering all submitted RFPs and expects to award the contract for the study no later than early May. After the research conducted through the RFP is available, there will still be many considerations and decisions for the Town to make prior to finalizing any plans regarding Johnstown Municipal Broadband.



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