Town of Johnstown Update on Regional Broadband Efforts

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Since April 2021, the towns of Berthoud, Johnstown, Mead, and Milliken have been working together on an initiative to bring better broadband service to residents and businesses in the area. Throughout the summer, the public was encouraged to share their current experiences and needs related to broadband in the Broadband Exploration Survey. With the results of the survey now available, Town officials and administrators continue to work hard to uncover the best option for all four Towns in an effort to bring better service to the area.

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Johnstown, CO – January 4, 2022 – In April 2021, the towns of Berthoud, Johnstown, Mead, and Milliken began working together to secure better internet services for residents and businesses. At this point, all four towns have opted-out of Senate Bill 152 (a bill which limits a local governments authority to provide, or participate in the provision of, advanced services, telecommunication services, cable television services, and/or broadband services) in their local municipal elections, completely opening up the opportunity for each Town to explore broadband opportunities. Johnstown, specifically, opted-out of SB 152 in the April 2020 municipal election with majority support.

Throughout Summer 2021, the four towns and Towns’ advisor (Magellan Advisors) assessed the current broadband situation by surveying the public on current broadband experiences and needs. Magellan Advisors also interviewed a number of broadband providers to determine interest and project feasibility from a provider’s perspective.

In October 2021, all four Towns’ Officials were presented with the findings of the public survey with over 1700 responses. This survey noted that area residents were limited in choices of broadband providers, that area residents experienced (on average) slower download/upload speeds than the national average, and that residents and businesses alike considered broadband an essential utility. The study also determined that the Towns’ best option for broadband improvement is to partner with a new or existing broadband provider that will fund broadband improvements across all 4 towns making more sense financially and time-wise. Finally, the study identified 3 strong candidates to potentially provide broadband service to the area of the 4 towns.

The Town of Johnstown continues to work with the Towns of Berthoud, Mead, and Milliken to assess the 3 recommended providers and opportunities for our area. Johnstown Town Council and administrators consider better broadband accessibility a priority moving into 2022 and are working as the four towns regional effort to make the best move towards reliable and quality broadband.  



Jamie Barker, Communications Manager


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