Pioneer Ridge Disc Golf Course


Town of Johnstown

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Disc Golf Rules

**As a reminder, all Town of Johnstown parks are open daily 5am-10pm**

Object of the game: Complete the course in the fewest throws of the disc

Quick Tips:
Play of each hole begins at the TEE and ends at the TARGET
After you make your first throw (per basket) your next throw will be from where your disc landed, NOT back at the tee. 
Upon completion of a hole, the player then proceeds to the tee for the next hole and continues until all 9 holes are played

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About Pioneer Disc Golf Club

The Pioneer Ridge Disc Golf Club (PRDGC), located out of Pioneer Ridge Elementary School in Johnstown Colorado was founded in 2021 with the purpose of providing students with an alternative sports opportunity that involves friends and family. The PRDGC, with support of the Weld RE5J school district, primarily plays disc golf out of the Pioneer Ridge area while occasionally visiting courses in Northern Colorado. All 4th grade students who attend Pioneer Ridge Elementary School are welcome to join the disc golf club – expansion of the club to other grades is coming soon. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, come learn and play and then bring your new skills back to your family.

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