Intersection Improvements for SH60 and Carlson Blvd Project Page

Intersection Improvements for SH60 and Carlson Blvd


Project Summary

The Town of Johnstown’s Public Works Department is currently in design of intersection improvements at SH60 and Carlson Blvd. The improvements will include a traffic signal and pedestrian crossing.


Project Timeline & Key Milestones
  • August 2022: Signal Design Begins
  • January 2023: Design complete and approved by CDOT
  • February 2023: Contract awarded
  • Spring/Summer 2023 (estimated): Installation of traffic signal at SH60/Carlson


For more project information, contact: 

Ellen Hilbig, Utilities Director
(970) 578-4664

Project Updates & Impacts


Folks have been seeing blinking stop lights at the intersection of Hwy60 and Carlson for a couple of weeks in August before the streetlight was officially commissioned. This new traffic signal is expected to help ease congestion in the area and improve safety. Combined with the addition of crosswalks at the intersection as well, residents should be able to enjoy a safer experience for vehicles and pedestrians alike as these new tools and markings help set clearer boundaries for sharing the area. Folks should note traffic signals and stop signs at the intersection as the traffic pattern is adjusted to best serve the community. This is the first of many improvements that the Town hopes to see along the busy Hwy 60 corridor in partnership with CDOT. Thank you for your patience as we navigated a materials delay in this project - the Town is excited to be able to bring much needed traffic safety changes like this to the community.


Project Goals

  • Improve pedestrian, vehicle, and resident safety in the area of the intersection of SH60 and Carlson Blvd

Project Benefits

  • New traffic signal at the SH60/Carlson Boulevard intersection to ease congestion in the area and improve safety
  • New pedestrian crossing at the SH60/Carlson Boulevard intersection to improve pedestrian safety

Project Cost & Funding

This project is financed by the Street and Alley Fund, which is responsible for the maintenance, expansion, and capital improvements of the local transportation network. The Johnstown community approved a sales and use tax increase of 0.5% in April 2020 for the purpose of funding projects like these. 


Previous Project Updates

February 2023 Update - The traffic signal design is complete and plans have been approved by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) for the Hwy 60 and Carlson Blvd intersection. The Town is currently out to bid for the contractor of the project but has already ordered the equipment due to long lead times on this type of equipment. 

December 2022 Update - Design for the traffic signal remains at 98% design level and the IGA has been approved by CDOT. The project is estimated to go out for bid in Spring 2023. 

October 2022 Update - Design for the traffic signal is at 98% design level and comments from CDOT are being integrated into the plans. Staff still estimates putting the project out to bid later in October or in early November. The Town is waiting on the IGA from CDOT. 

September 2022 Update - Design for the traffic signal is at 60% design level and being reviewed by CDOT for comments. Town Staff met with CDOT Local Agency personnel to discuss the project and an IGA from CDOT is forthcoming for Council’s consideration. The IGA is required as part of the MMOF funding. Once the IGA is approved, the Town will be able to purchase the traffic signal poles that have a 4–6-month lead time.

August 2022 Update - This project is in the design phase and is related to the SH60 Feasibility Study. 


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