State Highway 60 Feasibility Study Project Page

State Highway 60 Feasibility Study


Project Summary

The Town of Johnstown completed a feasibility study of State Highway 60 as part of a 3 Task Master Planning Initiative concerned with future growth and development in the area. Having completed the first two tasks in the initiative, which included data collection, planning, and the feasibility study, Town staff and project partners are now focused on the final task of designing and installing a traffic signal at the intersection of Hwy 60 and Carlson Boulevard. 


Project Timeline & Key Milestones
  • Spring/Summer 2022: Task 1 - Data Collection
  • Summer/Fall 2022: Task 2 - Feasibility Study
  • November 2022: Feasibility Study presented to Town Council
  • February 2023: Design of SH60/Carlson Traffic Signal
  • Summer 2023 (estimated): Installation of traffic signal at SH60/Carlson


For more project information, contact: 

Ellen Hilbig, Utilities Director
(970) 578-4664

Project Updates & Impacts


As of February 2023, the Highway 60 Feasibility Study is still available to view here . Task 1 and Task 2 of this project are complete (you can read about the Carlson Blvd light installation in the "Intersection Improvements for SH60 and Carlson Blvd" tab). The Town will continue to work with national and State safety standards as well as with CDOT on additional improvements to the area. 


Project Goals

  • Gain a deeper understanding of current and future transportation and traffic safety planning needs, including signalization, along the Highway 60 Corridor
  • Provide Johnstown and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) with a strategy to prepare future improvements for increased traffic flow along SH60 from numerous developments and projected growth of the North Front Range
  • Improve pedestrian, vehicle, and resident safety along the Highway 60 Corridor

Project Benefits

  • New traffic signal at the SH60/Carlson Boulevard intersection to ease congestion in the area and improve safety
  • Comprehensive strategy in place to proactively address current and projected future traffic flow and safety concerns along the Highway 60 Corridor

Project Cost & Funding

This project was financed by the Street and Alley Fund, which is responsible for the maintenance, expansion and capital improvements of the local transportation network. 


Previous Project Updates

November 2022 Update - The Highway 60 Feasibility Study was presented to Town Council this month. Click here to check it out. 

October 2022 Update - The Town and consultant presented findings to the Council at the October 24 work study session and will present at the Town Council regular session on November 7. 

September 2022 Update - The Town and consultant met to go over preliminary design options for SH 60 from 1-25 to County Road 19. The design options will be presented to the Council for feedback on October 24 during a work session. 

August 2022 Update - The study is completing the traffic analysis portion and staff has a Work Session schedule with Town Council in September or October for updates related to this project. This would likely be to review layout options for the roadway. 

July 2022 Update - This project is in its early stages, looking at traffic volume models and conducting traffic counts, as well as analyzing future conditions. 


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