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South Water Tank

An image of the South Water Tank, as of September 2022. The new water storage tank is being installed west of County Road 17 and north of County Road 40 in Johnstown.

Project Summary

In keeping with the 2016 Water System Master Plan, Town leadership is implementing needed improvements to the Johnstown water system by installing a new water storage tank on the south side of Town West of CR17 and North of CR40 and a new water pipeline that will connect at the southeast corner of Stroh Farms and loop back to Town along Weld County Road 13 to Highway 60. This project will facilitate future planned growth as well as improve water pressure and delivery for both current and future residents of the southern area of Johnstown.


Project Timeline & Key Milestones
  • 2019: Design
  • 2020: Public Open House Sessions
  • 2021: Construction starting summer of 2021
  • 2023: Construction complete by end of year
  • Summer 2023: Final project pieces and painting work complete


For more project information, contact: 

Doug Gossett, Civil Engineer II
(970) 578-4664

Project Updates & Impacts

Due to weather delays this summer, finishing touches on the tank were on hold from June to July. By early August, the items delaying the ability to test the tank watermain and fill the tank had been completed (this includes painting). While there are some items remaining on the punch list for both the tank and the pipeline before full completion of the project, the south tank pipeline is undergoing water testing and Utilities Crews hope to have the tank filled and tested by the end of September. Once testing of the pipeline is complete, the tank will be brought online and will improve water pressure for south Johnstown and better access to emergency water.

Project Goals

  • Improve water pressure and delivery for both current and future residents in southern Johnstown
  • Increase water storage capacity to facilitate future planned growth and reduce the peak demand experienced at the Water Treatment Plant

Project Benefits

  • Reliable water delivery and water pressure
  • Water storage for emergency operations
  • Sufficient water for household activities

Project Cost & Funding

This project is financed by the Water Fund, one of Johnstown’s enterprise funds. The Water Fund is responsible for the maintenance, expansion and capital improvements of the water treatment and delivery infrastructure in Town.  

Previous Project Updates

February 2023 Update - The tank contractor is continuing to work on the interior piping, electrical, and civil site work. The painting crews will likely need to come back in the spring to finish. Town Staff is coordinating with United Power to install the electrical service for the Tank.

The contractor is working on installing mainline along WCR 13. The Hillsborough bores are complete. The contractor has been delayed due to the weather in January, but we will continue to work together as the project is nearing completion. 

December 2022 Update - Tank crews are working on interior piping of the South Water Tank as well as the electrical. As a result of the continued cold temperatures, painting crews will likely be continuing their work into early 2023 as painting is dependent on the temperatures warming up. Town Staff is working on ordering the transformer for the site to be installed in 2023. 

November 2022 Update - Tank crews have completed the welding of the tank and painting crews are working to finish internal and external paint work. Paint work is very sensitive to the temperature outside so this work will be completed when able based on weather. Crews are also working on the piping and electrical for the tank. As for the distribution pipeline, the contractor is working on installing mainline along WCR13, specifically working north to south between WCR46 and WCR 44. The final bore needed for this project should be complete by early 2023. 

October 2022 Update - Tank crews successfully raised the tank into place between October 12-14, with extra caution based on weather conditions. The tank took around 8 hours to raise and continues to be worked on through the end of the month (both internally and externally). As crews continue to construct the remainder of the tank, one thing that will be most noticeable to residents, is the removal of the white and red derrick crane from the center of the water tank. The water tank distribution pipeline work has also continued throughout the month of October, primarily installation along CR13.

September 2022 Update - The contractor has finished welding the tank together on the ground and has plans to complete painting of the tank by the end of the month. The contractor will continue to finish the tank, including the inside coating, even after the painting on the outside is complete prior to beginning to lift the tank. This moth, crews are mobilizing equipment to raise the tank - a process that should begin in October. The distribution pipeline continues to be worked on with pipe crews focusing on completing sections of waterline between CR40 and CR42 on the west side of CR 17. Once complete with this area, crews will relocate to CR17 to continue installation of the main pipeline. 

August 2022 Update - The tank is currently being prepped for paint with painting to begin in September. The distribution pipeline crews are focused on completing the sections of waterline between CR42 and CR40 on the west side of CR17. Work has begun on the main line installation on CR13 and will continue into September. 

July 2022 Update - The ground work is complete on the structure; this includes the steel skirt of the tank. Painting the tank is the next part of the project which should begin in September. Once the painting of the tank is complete, the tank will be raised to sit atop the cylindrical shaft of the structure. As the cylindrical shaft was being constructed, you might have noticed that the top if pointed in a cone. This part will sit underneath the the water tank itself. The cone is both a conservation of materials as well as a structural standard for a tank of this size. Pipeline work for this project continues along CR17, CR15, and CR13. Work along CR44 is complete and the pipeline connecting the project to the Water Treatment Plant is expected to be installed during Q3 2022. Residents should expect single lane closures and road impacts along CR13 (Colorado Blvd) during this time.

June 2022 Update - The work needing to be completed on the tank shaft prior to top tank work beginning, is nearly complete and the contractor will begin building the shell dome of the tank by July. The water tank will be built and painted on the ground and then raised up to sit atop the cylindrical shaft. The raising of the water tank will happen later in the year, but residents and visitors will begin to see a skirt-like structure around the bottom of the tank shaft - this will be the start of the water tank. The photos below (both taken end of June into early July) are pictures of the tank beginning to take shape around the bottom of the structure. The derrick crane continues to remain in place to help set panels but will be removed prior to the water tank being fully operational. Work continues on the installation of pipeline around Town, and as of July 19 - 17,618 Linear Feet of pipeline has been completed. 

May 2022 Update - Work continued on the cylindrical tank shaft of the water tower and construction started on the metal panels for the cones at the top of the tower. Additionally, the infrastructure inside of the cylindrical shaft was completed this month. Pipeline work continued along CR 17 this month, impacting traffic with single lane closures. In total, 16,348 linear feet of pipeline was completed by 6/30/2022. The picture below was taken on May 18, 2022 and shows come final tank shaft work needing to be complete (to nearly hide the derrick crane) before construction can begin on the tank. The photo also shows the blue pipeline being laid throughout Town - blue indicating the water that the pipeline will be carrying will be potable (treated for drinking) water. The second photo is a close-up of the tank and of the derrick crane lifting a panel for the cone at the top of the tank. 

April 2022 Update - The cylindrical tank shaft is getting taller. The constriction on this portion of the water tank should be complete by the end of July. Once the tank shaft work is done, construction on the tank itself will begin before the tank is raised to the top of the tower towards the end of the year. Pipeline work for this project continues along CR17, CR42, CR44, CR13, and CR15. Water line installation is close to being completed along CR 13, CR15, and CR17. 

March 2022 Update - Work continues on the cylindrical tank shaft of the water tower as well as on the installation of pipelineThe candy-cane pole (aka derrick crane) erected just west of CR17 and north of CR40 is not a permanent fixture but is helping to guide the build of the new South Water Tank that is taking form. As you can see in the pictures below, the cylindrical tank shaft of the tower is currently under construction around the candy-cane derrick crane. Once the cylinder reaches the top portion of the red and white stripes, the water tank will be placed and the candy-cane derrick crane will be removed from the structure through an opening at the base of the tower. When complete, by the end of this year, the tower will hold 1.5 million gallons of water. 

The pipeline portion of this project is the part that connects the water tank to the Town’s Water Plant north of HWY 60. As you drive around south of HWY 60 along CR17, CR42, CR44, CR15, and CR13 you might see the blue piping you are seeing in some of these images. This blue piping is distributed throughout Town roughly along the area where it will be installed to connect the South Water Tank to the Water Plant. In the process of installing this pipeline, the Town and Town’s contractors work closely with the railroad, ditch companies, and farmers to bore under existing irrigation and tracks. At the end of this project, over 7 miles of pipeline will have been laid to connect these two important pieces of infrastructure.

February 2022 Update - The 2nd level of the water tank shaft is nearly completed in the building of the cylinder that will hold the water tank. Residents and visitors will continue to see the derrick crane in the area as the tank is built. The pipeline portion of this project has also begun through a few of the partnering farmer's properties as well as along WCR13; most notably care is being taken to bore the irrigation crossings. The project is on track and any upcoming road impacts/closures will be communicated as pipeline continues to be laid. 

January 2022 Update - The foundation for the South Water Tank has been completed and work will be starting in February on the tank structure. Folks traveling through the area can expect to see a derrick erected on the tank site in order to start the tank shaft construction. The pipeline for this project, which will go loop from the tank across WCR 42 and loop down WCR 13 to the intersection of WCR 13 and HWY 60 is still in the planning process with crews working on area potholes. Information regarding construction related to the pipe and important traffic crossings will be made available later in the year as the work to lay the pipe, begins.

December 2021 Update - Construction continues on the South Water Tank project foundation. The project is on track at this time. 

November 2021 Update - State approval has been received for this project and construction has begun on the take foundation. There are still no anticipated service disruptions or road closures planned as a result of this project. 

October 2021 Update - The Town is currently working through State submittals and construction submittals for this project as construction continues. There are still no anticipated service disruptions or road closures planned as a result of this project. 

September 2021 Update - Construction of the South Water Tank began in September. The South Water tank will be located on the south side of Town, West of 17 and North of 40. There are no service disruptions or road closures planned as a result of tank construction. The next piece of this project is the associated pipeline project which is currently out to bid. 

August 2021 Update - Construction of the water tank is still scheduled for September 2021, weather permitting. The related pipeline will be going out for bid next month and an award announced shortly after. 

July 2021 Update - Construction of the water tank is still scheduled for September 2021, weather permitting. The related pipeline will be going out for bid in the coming months with award announced shortly after. 

June 2021 Update - Construction of the water tank will begin in September 2021 weather permitting. The associated pipeline will be going out for bid in August

April & May 2021 Update - Town Staff is in the process of executing Contract Documents with the awarded construction contractor, CB&I Storage Tank Solutions. Construction is anticipated to start during the summer of 2021.


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