Sewer Service - Utilities


Utilities - Sewer Service

The Utilities Department Sewer (wastewater) division:

  • Manages and operates the Town's wastewater treatment plants
  • Maintains, rehabilitates, and improves sewer lines and infrastructure
  • Tests outflow water to ensure compliance with State of Colorado and federal regulations

For information related to sewer service fees and utility tap fees, please see the Town's Fee schedule and reference pages 6-7. 


Funding & Projects

The Sewer Fund is responsible for the collection and treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater generated in Johnstown.  Administration, maintenance, operation, monitoring, testing and treatment program are the primary functions. These activities are conducted under the State of Colorado clean water act.

Facilities List

  • 2 Wastewater Treatment Plants
    • Lagoon System
    • Sequencing Batch Reactor Plant (SBR)
  • Miles of sewer pipeline
    • gravity pipeline
    • force main pipeline
  • Manholes
  • Sewer interceptors 
  • 3 lift stations

After Hours (3pm-7am & weekends)

Utilities emergency services are provided free of charge to residences within the Town of Johnstown around the clock for problems related to Town water and Town sewer/drainage issues. Typical emergency calls are: Water line breaks; Sewer stoppages; Storm events, like street flooding or fallen trees in road.

After 3:00 P.M. or weekends, please call the numbers shown below for the corresponding emergencies:
  • Water/wastewater issues with taste/odor: 970.534.0242
  • All other issues related to water, sewer: 970.534.0242
  • Streets, drainage, parks and cemetery issues: 970.324.4108

**Please leave a message if the phone is not answered, and an on-call person will call you back within 15 minutes.