Water Service - Utilities


Utilities - Water Service

The Utilities Department Water Service division:

  • Operates the Town's water plant, which is able to treat over 6 million gallons per day of water for resident use and consumption
  • Manages and operates Town water storage facilities
  • Maintains, rehabilitates, and improves water lines and infrastructure
  • Routinely tests drinking water to ensure safe and compliant water for water service customers

For information related to water service fees and utility tap fees, please see the Town's Fee schedule and reference pages 7-10. 

A routine drinking water inspection conducted on November 7, 2023 by the state drinking water program identified violations. To correct this issue the Town worked to complete necessary inspections and assemble documentation.  Inspections were completed in early December and at the time of inspection, no violations existed indicating there was no risk to public health.  

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Funding & Projects

The Johnstown Water Fund is an enterprise fund responsible for the operations, maintenance, and capital related items for the Town's water production and distribution system. This includes water treatment, repair and installation of water lines, reading all meters for billing purposes, maintaining the water storage systems, monitoring and testing, and compliance of the distribution system.

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Water Meter

Water meters are the property of the Town of Johnstown and Town personnel must have access to water meters to properly maintain water and sewer services and to ensure accurate billing. Please contact Town of Johnstown personnel if you need access to your water meter, need your water shut off, water turned back on, or have any additional water meter or water service questions: 970-587-4664.

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Facilities List

  • 1 Water Treatment Plant
    • Traditional Filter Plan
    • Granular Activated Carbon Feeder System
  • 6 Water storage facilities
  • Miles of trunk pipeline and other pipeline 
  • 3 lift stations
  • 2 raw water pump stations
    • Ultrasonic Buoy for prevention of algae bloom (mitigation of taste and odor issues)

After Hours (3pm-7am & weekends)

Utilities emergency services are provided free of charge to residences within the Town of Johnstown around the clock for problems related to Town water and Town sewer/drainage issues. Typical emergency calls are: Water line breaks; Sewer stoppages; Storm events, like street flooding or fallen trees in road.

After 3:00 P.M. or weekends, please call the numbers shown below for the corresponding emergencies:

  • Water/wastewater issues with taste/odor: 970.534.0242
  • All other issues related to water, sewer: 970.534.0242
  • Streets, drainage, parks and cemetery issues: 970.324.4108

**Please leave a message if the phone is not answered, and an on-call person will call you back within 15 minutes.