Johnstown Honors Online Banner Exhibit

The Johnstown Honors Program is a banner program to recognize Johnstown’s past and present members of the US Armed Forces. 

Applicants (servicemembers OR the servicemember’s immediate family) can apply for a banner honoring their servicemember who has lived, or currently lives, in the Town of Johnstown. Applicants must be current residents of the Town of Johnstown. Any applications submitted prior to the first Monday in April will be considered for same-year display.

Below is an updated exhibit of banners, and of those that Johnstown Honors, as of Memorial Day 2023.


Johnstown Honors Online Exhibit


More information about the exhibit:

Who is a Service Member? A Service Member is a person who has served, or is currently serving in, the US Armed forces.

Gold Star Service Member - A Gold Star Service Member is a person who perished as a result of service in the US Armed Forces. The Town's list of Gold Star Service Members comes from the Johnstown-Milliken Post and more information related to these service members can be found with the JM Post. 

Where can I see the banners in person? These banners are hanging, both, in Historic Downtown as well as in the 2534 Johnstown Plaza area. Specially the following roads: Charlotte Street close to Parish, Parish (CR17) north of HWY60 and South of North 2nd Street, Ronald Reagan Blvd, and Thompson Pkwy.

*The images in the exhibit will move to the next image after 4 seconds automatically. You can also progress between images by clicking on the dot at the bottom of the image (on a computer only)*


Program Contact

Jamie Barker, Communications Manager