Johnstown Meteorite Celebration


I landed in Johnstown Meteorite 1924

I LANDED IN JOHNSTOWN – Meteorite 1924

This year, 2024, marks the centennial year of the Johnstown Meteorite landing just outside town, and white literally shaking things up as it made its magnificent entrance. I Landed in Johnstown, along with the Johnstown Historical Society is celebrating this historic occasion all year long with educational events, visits to schools in our district and more, all culminating with a bang on July 6, 2024. We will celebrate exactly 100 years after the meteorite first made its appearance with events you won’t want to miss!


On July 6, 1924, a funeral for John Moore of Milliken was interrupted at the Elwell Cemetery outside of Johnstown when the meteorite, weighing nearly 12 lbs., fell right outside the cemetery. As the meteorite fell, the sight was reported to be so incredible, that funeralgoers left the ceremony to investigate what had happened. A couple individuals nearby took up their shovels to dig the meteorite out of its crater and took it into town. The meteorite became the talk of the region with people coming from all over to see it for themselves. The large piece of the meteorite eventually ended up at the Denver Natural History Museum (now the Denver Museum of Nature and Science) where it can still be seen on display today. The Johnstown Meteorite is famous around the world and scientists from all over have studied the Johnstown Meteorite for its unique origin, composition, and spectacular entrance to Earth.


June 1, 2024
Johnstown BBQ Days
The meteorite will have its first homecoming, and you’ll be able to see it in the parade!

July 6, 2024
I Landed in Johnstown Centennial Celebration
Stay tuned for a full list of events on July 6th as we dedicate a memorial, view an art show, host a rock and gem show, and welcome scientists and an astronaut to Johnstown for an unforgettable presentation. Plus, you won’t want to miss Johnstown’s first ever drone show!



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