Town Manager


Town Manager

Town Manager
Matt LeCerf

Deputy Town Manager
Mitzi McCoy

Executive Assistant
Rachel Blazek


The Administration Department consists of the Town Manager, Deputy Town Manager and the Executive Assistant. Together in the Town Manager’s Office, they are responsible for managing and coordinating the day-to-day operations of the Town and for the enforcement of all policies, laws, and ordinances. The Administration Department implements the Town Board's goals and objectives, and is responsible for the coordination of all municipal programs and services. In addition, the Town Manager makes recommendations to the Mayor and Town Council as appropriate during Council meetings concerning current and future needs of the Town, without the right to vote. 

The Town Manager is responsible for the preparation of the Town's annual budget which must be balanced. The budget reflects the expected revenue and projected expenses for the ensuing year. The Town Manager, in carrying out the responsibilities of fiscal planning and of other areas of Town government, has the authority to appoint the heads of the various departments and divisions.

The Administration guides the development of the Town’s strategic plan and carrying out the mission, vision and values of the organization and the strategic plan. The Town Manager and Deputy Town Manager are available for meeting with Community members to learn and better understand the opportunities in the community for continued success.