Planning & Development

Planning & Development

Kim Meyer


Planning & Development is responsible for:

The Planning & Development Department provides professional guidance to the Johnstown Town Council, staff, businesses, citizens, and interested parties on all matters related to land use and development:

  • On-call planning & land use questions
  • Zoning
  • Annexations
  • Land Use
  • Apply, Enforce, & Maintain Municipal Code Chapters 15-17
  • Development Project Review & Management
  • Downtown Façade Grant Program
  • Water Dedication for new/changing development
  • Long range planning
  • Floodplain management
  • Development construction permitting

The department refers to Town plans and policies to guide and facilitate high-quality development that provides needed services and housing, and contributes to systematic and sustainable growth. The department staffs the Town Council and PZC, providing professional review and analysis, and administrative support for all land use cases. Planning Staff performs daily on-call services to respond to and research a wide variety of land use and community planning questions and requests for permit and project information. Comprehensive information on development projects (plats, plans, reports, agreements, fees) is managed through the department. Planning & Development works closely with other Town departments, neighboring jurisdictions, and external agencies to further the long-term vision and mission of the Town.

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