Municipal Court

Municipal Court

Ashley Ratner, Court Clerk


The Town of Johnstown Court is a Limited Jurisdiction Court serving the citizens of the Town of Johnstown.

Court sessions are held twice a month on the first and third Mondays at a 1:00pm session. If the Monday is a holiday, the court date will likely be pushed to the following Wednesday. Please contact the Municipal Court Clerk if you have questions regarding your court date.

The types of cases heard in the Johnstown Municipal Court are:

  • Animal-related Violations (ex. loose dog, animal bites)
  • Code Violations (ex. weeds, failure to clear snow)
  • Misdemeanors (ex. vandalism, shoplifting)
  • Parking Citations (ex. fire hydrant, blocking driveway)
  • Traffic Violations (ex. speeding, failure to stop)

Note: The above are examples and are not intended to be all-inclusive of citations in Municipal Court.

Payment can be made by mail, in person or by card. You can make a payment over the phone by calling 970-578-9607.


Anyone with questions about obtaining police reports must contact the police department (970-587-5555).