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Cemetery History

Elwell Cemetery

Following a United Brethren Church meeting September 28, 1902, seven acres of land north of the Elwell Store were purchased from J. B. Sloan for $20 an acre. The area was known as Elwell Cemetery.

A cemetery association, to care for the land, was formed with representatives from Johnstown, Milliken, Elwell, Great Western Sugar Factory, the Johnstown Home and Garden Club and Forget-Me-Not Garden Club. Trees were planted and water pipes and a pump were installed to pump water from the Home Supply Irrigation Ditch.


Named Johnstown Cemetery
Later, the Town of Johnstown established a Perpetual Care Plan to manage the cemetery with the town furnishing the labor. Grass was planted and the name was changed to the Johnstown Cemetery.

Location (north of Hwy 60 on CO Blvd.)


Cemetery Guidelines

No person in the cemetery shall:

  • Loiter upon the grounds
  • Be under the age of 15, unless accompanied by an adult or other proper caretaker
  • Drive an automobile or other vehicle in excess of 10 miles per hour or in excess of such lesser speed as is prudent under the existing conditions and circumstances
  • Except for authorized personnel with consent of the Public Works Director, drive or ride any automobile, motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, machine or animal on lots, grass or walks within the Cemetery
  • Except for authorized personnel with consent of the Public Works Director, drive any commercial truck or any other commercial vehicle within the Cemetery grounds
  • Discard trash, debris or other unsightly items, except in receptacles designated for such items
  • Direct or cause Town Employees to perform work without an order from the town manager or the Town Managers designee
  • Perform work on the grounds, except by permission of the Town Manager or the Town Manager's designee
  • Take any animal or permit any animal to be taken into the Cemetery except service animals
  • Deface, damage, destroy or injure any burial memorials or property in the Cemetery
  • Peddle flowers or plants or any other commodity
  • Except for authorized persons, make a change to the inscription on a burial memorial

Violation Penalty

  • Any person who violates or resists the enforcement of any of the provisions of Article VI of Chapter 11 of the Johnstown Municipal Code or these rules and regulations shall be guilty of a municipal violation and subject to the enforcement provisions of the Johnstown Municipal Code

For more information view the Municipal Code regarding Cemeteries.

Click to view Town code pertaining to Cemetery conduct

Town of Johnstown Cemetery Costs

Adult Grave Space (Resident) $1,600.00
Adult Grave Space (Non-Resident) $3,000.00
Cremains Grave Space (Resident) $850.00
Cremains Grave Space (Non-Resident) $1,500.00
Opening/Closing Grave $700.00
Opening/Closing Grave on Saturdays/Holidays $1,200.00
Opening/Closing Cremains $350.00
Opening/Closing Cremains on Saturdays/Holidays $750.00
Columbarium Niche (includes engraving and opening/closing)  $1,500.00

Cemetery Remembrance Bricks

Cemetery Remembrance Bricks can be purchased from the Town Clerk's Office at anytime. Brick orders will be processed once a month, engraved, and then installed in the walkway at the cemetery close to the columbarium. 

Bricks are $85 and can be up to 3 lines of text, with 10 letters per line. The cost of the bricks include the brick, message carving, placement labor, and path maintenance. 

Submit the form on this page with all relevant information and a staff member with the Town Clerk's Office will reach out with payment information. 

Please note that the time between your request and when the brick is installed at the cemetery could be up to 8 weeks.

Brick Text Template Options

Template 1:



Template 2:

[Message (10 letters)]

[Message (10 letters)]

Template 3:
[Message (10 letters)]

[Message (10 letters)]

[Message (10 letters)]

Template 4:


Template 5:



Template 6:


Template 7:


Brick Font and Example

Brick Text: Vermarco

This graphic shows the characters 0-10 and W-Z in the Vermarco text font





Brick Example (text will be engraved, not black)

Image of a brick with example black text on it, 3 lines, 10 letters per line.






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