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The Finance Department

The Finance Department provides financial support services throughout the Town, including accounting, financial management and reporting, fiscal planning, treasury services, cash receipting, utility billing, purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, debt management, development and monitoring of the annual operating budget, establishing and monitoring internal controls, preparing the financial reports, facilitating external audits, independent reviews and grant management.

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Local Property Tax Rebate


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Sales Tax

The sales tax rate for the Town of Johnstown is 3.5%. Sales taxes for the Town of Johnstown are reported to and collected by the State of Colorado. There are no sales tax exemptions.

Use Tax

The use tax rate for the Town of Johnstown is 3.5%. Use tax is levied in the following circumstances:

  • Motor Vehicles: Storing, or using any motor or other vehicle, purchased at retail on which a registration is required, in the Town of Johnstown. This tax is collected at vehicle registration with the County.
  • Building and Construction Materials: Applies to building and construction materials purchased in or delivered to the Town of Johnstown at retail. This tax is collected when a building permit is obtained from the Town. By intergovernmental agreement, the tax is also collected by Town for Larimer County (.8%). The cost of the building permit is a prepayment deposit of an estimated use tax. At the end of the project a reconciliation of estimated construction material costs and actual construction material costs may be requested to verify the use tax accuracy. The difference between the estimated tax and actual tax due is based on actual project cost. Building materials purchased in or delivered to the Town of Johnstown for a permitted project are exempt from the retail sales tax so contractors are encouraged to present the town building permit at the time of purchase.

Public Improvement Fee

PIF revenues are not collected by or remitted to the Town of Johnstown.

A Public Improvement Fee (PIF) is a fee that developers may require their tenants to collect on sales transactions to pay for on-site improvements. The PIF is a fee and NOT a tax; therefore, it becomes a part of the overall cost of the sale/service and is subject to sales tax. Examples of these improvements include curbs and sidewalks, parking facilities, storm management system, sanitary sewer systems, road development (within the site) and outdoor public plazas. 

Currently, there is one location in Johnstown that has a Public Improvement Fee: Johnstown Plaza.