Town of Johnstown Public Works Department

The Street and Alley Fund is responsible for the maintenance and preservation of over 85 centerline miles of paved roadways, Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) compliance of regulatory street signs, snow plowing, pest control and gravel road maintenance.  Also included in the Street and Alley Fund are revenues and expenditures associated with residential trash collection services and road impact fees.  Impact fees are collected at the time builders apply for a building permit for a new residence or business.  These fees are used to widen arterial streets, improve intersections, install traffic signals or other improvement to Johnstown's transportation system driven by the increased demand of customers and areas served by Johnstown.

Town of Johnstown Right-of-Way Work Permit

Applicant certifies before signing permit that all the following conditions are understood:

1.In accordance with Town of Johnstown ordinance, any and all work done on streets, curb and gutter, and sidewalks require a Right-of-Way permit.  The Town requires a forty-eight (48) hour notice for approval of the permit.

2.Any work done, on a State highway within the limits of the Town of Johnstown, requires both a Colorado Department of Highways permit and a Town of Johnstown Right-of-Way permit.  The CDOT permit must be obtained first and presented when applying for the Town’s Right-of-Way permit.  The Town of Johnstown will not issue a Right-of-Way permit without documentation from the State.

3.A copy of the Right-of-Way permit must be kept on the construction site at all times.

4.All Affected property owners and residents along with all emergency services and school district; will be notified at least 48 hours prior to any lane or road closure under this permit.

5.Approved Certificate of Insurance, or bond equal to the value of the work done, is required to be on file with the Town of Johnstown.

6.Applicant will call for utility locates before digging.

7.Applicant will call for an inspection 24 hours in advance.  Leave a detailed message at 970-587-4664.  Do not cover until approved by the Street Superintendent.

8.All foregoing provisions have been read and understood and agrees to comply with all Town Ordinances, State laws, and provisions regarding such construction and activities pursuant to this permit.

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Curb, gutter, and sidewalk specifications