Public Works - Streets Division

Public Works - Streets Division exists to maintain a safe and dependable transportation system.

  • maintenance and preservation of over 85 centerline miles of paved roadways
    • Minor street patching
    • Pot hole filling
    • Chip/slurry seal
    • Water break areas
    • Minor drainage issues
    • Pavement Markings
  • Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)
  • compliance of regulatory street signs
  • snow plowing
  • pest control
  • gravel road maintenance

Street & Alley Fund - Part of this money is collected from .5% of generated sales tax as of the April 2020 municipal election: this ensures that residents and visitors alike are affording street maintenance within the Town. Additional money for this fun comes from impact fees which are collected at the time builders apply for a building permit for a new residence or business.  These fees are used to widen arterial streets, improve intersections, install traffic signals or other improvement to Johnstown's transportation system driven by the increased demand of customers and areas served by Johnstown.