Business Licenses

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Welcome to Johnstown!  We are excited to welcome you to our community and look forward to serving your business needs.

Johnstown Municipal Code requires any businesses operating inside Town limits to hold a current Business License, including those licensed by the state or other entities. 

Beginning in November 2023, the Town will transition its business license application and renewal process to an online portal. 

Questions or Concerns?


Thank you for looking into our new process for Business Licenses! We are excited to launch this process officially at the end of November, so bookmark this page for next year's application process.  Please visit our Licenses page if you are looking to license a new business with the Town of Johnstown using the current process. 

What License is right for your business?


If you have a physical location in Johnstown (i.e., brick & mortar and/or home-based), regardless of if the business you conduct is within the Town or not, you are required to have a current Business License. 

Below you can find the Business License Application Portal.

If you do contractor business in Johnstown but have no physical location (i.e., brick & mortar and/or home-based), you are required to have a Contractor License. Please follow this link to apply for a Contractor License.

If you do contractor business in Johnstown AND have a physical location in Johnstown (i.e., brick & mortar and/or home-based) you are required to have BOTH a Business License and Contractor License. Please follow this link to apply for a Contractor License after you’ve completed your Business License application. Below you can find the Business License application portal. 


If you conduct business in Johnstown as a mobile vendor and/or food truck, you are required to have a Mobile Vendor/Food Truck License. Please follow this link to apply for a Mobile Vendor/Food Truck License.

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to do as a business owner or point of contact? 

Make sure we have a current email address on file for your business! Please email Hannah Hill at HHill@JohnstownCO.Gov to provide up-to-date contact information, including an email address where you would like to receive your renewal notice.

How will I be notified when it is time to renew? 

You will receive an email (and a postcard in 2023) from the Town Clerk. The postcard will point you to this landing page, where you will be able to renew using the online portal. 

When will the online business application and renewal portal go live? 

The business application and renewal portal will go live on November 27, 2023!

Will the fee change?

No. The Business License fee is set by Town Council, and currently all renewals and new applications are $50. 

Can I still turn in a paper application? 

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to take paper applications. You are welcome to call the Town Clerk at 970-578-9600 or Economic Development Director at 970-578-9612 and they can fill out the form for you! 

Can I come to Town Hall to apply or renew my business license? 

You’re welcome to visit Town Hall! A tablet will be provided for you to complete your business license application or renewal and make payments, but paper applications won’t be available. 

I have never heard about needing a business license and now I have received a postcard that the process is moving online. Am I required to have a business license?  

If you have an active business in Johnstown, you are required to have a Business License on file and must renew every year that your business is active, per Johnstown Municipal Code. The information below provides clarity if you require a business license and are unsure of which type. 

Need help with your Business License application?


Need assistance on how to apply for or renew your Business License using the new online portal? Check out these how-to-videos that will take you step-by-step. Should you have any questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to call Hannah Hill, Town Clerk, at 970-578-9600. 



Resources for Businesses


The Health Department may inspect businesses in connection with the care and handling of food. For questions for businesses dealing with food, call the applicable health department as well as the applicable fire department. 

  • Weld County Environmental Health 970-304-6415
  • Larimer County Environmental Health 970-498-6775 

Loveland Fire Rescue Authority and Front Range Fire Rescue perform inspections and fire safety visits to make sure buildings are safe and to be familiar with the layout of buildings and fire protection systems in place. 

  • Loveland Fire Rescue Authority 970-667-5310
  • Front Range Fire Rescue 970-587-0339

The Town of Johnstown Building and Planning Departments assist with compliance of Municipal Code and building standards. Before you conduct work, it’s always a good idea to see what permits may be required. 
For building department inspection questions, call 970-587-4664.
For zoning inspection questions, call the Planning Department at 970-587-4664.

The Town of Johnstown Economic Development Department assist new and existing businesses looking to expand or relocate in Johnstown. The department also provides resources and information to ensure your business is successful. Contact us today! 
    Sarah Crosthwaite, Economic Development Manager
    SCrosthwaite@Johnstownco.gov or 970-578-9612