Building Permit Information

Building Official:
Jonathan Gesick - ProCode

Building Permit Technician:
Paula Langford

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Building Permits

A building permit gives you legal permission to start construction of a building project in accordance with approved drawings and specifications. The Town requires that a building permit is applied for and issued before work begins.

**Please have the building permit issued before the materials needed for the project are purchased.** The Johnstown Municipal Code requires collecting 3.5% Use Tax on all construction materials when a building permit is issued. When you purchase the construction materials for your construction project take the building permit receipt with you to show that use tax has been paid and you should only be charged Colorado sales tax.

Work Requiring Permits
Permits are required for all work regulated by the codes adopted by the Town, including but not limited to the following:

  • New buildings
  • Alterations or renovations (changing the use of an existing building, garage conversions, finishing a basement, kitchen expansions, re-roofing, etc.)
  • Additions
  • Residential work (decks, arbor/pergola, detached garages, fences, fireplaces, pools, water heaters, etc.)
  • Demolition of a structure.
  • More work requiring permits
  • If you have a  question on whether or not the work you would like to do requires a building permit, please contact the Building Department.

Submit the following information (see the bottom of the page for how to submit):

  1. Permit application (8.5" x 14" legal sized page) completely filled out, signed and dated plus floor plan, or layout of the proposed project.

The codes adopted by the Town require that a building permit is obtained before an alteration is made to an existing building. An alteration can be as simple as finishing the basement in a house, or as complex as changing the use of a house to a business.

The following handouts are available to provide basic information on common alterations.

  • Basement finish
  • Change in use of a house to business
  • Change in use of a commercial building to a different use

Submit the following information (see the bottom of the page for how to submit):

  1. Permit application (8.5" x 14" legal sized page) completely filled out, signed and dated
  2. Three Site Plans
  3. Two sets of Plans and digitally in PDF format 
  4. Commercial Requirements (Including: apply for a  building permit with relevant fire jurisdiction)
  5. Residential Requirements 
  6. Valuation Checklist if a commercial project
  7. Square Footage Checklist if a residential project

Applying for a Permit

Please check our fee schedule for the following fees (and others).

  1. Residential AND Commercial fees
  2. Commercial project - Fee calculated based on Valuation Checklist
  3. New house plan/establish stock plan
  4. Established stock plan
  5. Basement finish
  6. Deck
  7. Detached garage 

You can use any of the below methods to submit your application. Name ALL submitted documents using the address of the project to simplify identification. Please call the Building Permit Technician with any questions.

  1. Email with your application and all associated documents as attachments (this option is not large attachment friendly).
  2. Email with your documents saved to a cloud-based application linked in your email with permission given to view and download.
  3. Use the Town's WeTransfer site, for large file transfers (up to 20gb). In the message, please include BUILDING DEPARTMENT and the address of the project in addition to any further information.

Building Permit Expiration

Johnstown Municipal Code Section 16-45 requires:

  • Work must begin within 90 days from the date the permit was issued, or the permit will expire.
  • Building permits expire two (2) years after the permit was issued.
Building Permits and Local Fire & County Departments (Commercial Permits)

Depending on the project, the relevant local fire department or county health department will need to be involved. 

**Be aware, other agencies often have a determined period of review for projects (15 or more days) so be aware of this as project timelines are determined**

Find relevant websites for Commercial Permits below:

Loveland Fire Rescue Authority

Front Range Fire Rescue

Weld County Applications and Permits

Larimer County Food Licensing and Permits