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Building Department Hours:
Monday - Friday 8AM- 4PM

Certificates of Occupancy:
24-48 Hours Notice

To request an inspection, call 970-305-3161 Ext. 1 
Online Inspection Requests (Due by 4pm for next business day):

Code Questions:
Jonathan Gesick (ProCode), Chief Building Official

Permit Processing:
Johnstown Permit Technician

Building Permit Application Fee Schedule



Building Permits

A building permit gives you legal permission to start construction of a building project in accordance with approved drawings and specifications. Building permits are required for most 'construction' work, while more superficial or décor work may not require a permit. 

Please have the building permit issued before the materials needed for the project are purchased. The Johnstown Municipal Code requires collecting 3.5% Use Tax on all construction materials when a building permit is issued. When you purchase the construction materials for your construction project, take the building permit receipt with you to show that use tax has been paid and you should only be charged Colorado sales tax.

  • Commercial Signs – freestanding, wall, awning, blade, etc.
  • Converting or finishing a basement or garage-type space 
  • Replacing windows, window frames and/or door frames
  • Adding a deck, covered/enclosed porch, pergola, or stairs
  • Commercial Fence
  • Retaining wall more than 2 feet above ground level
  • New/replace in-ground pool, hot tub, or fireplace 
  • New/replace water heater, furnace, AC
  • New solar panels
  • Any new structure or addition
  • Change of Use of a commercial space, or a home to a business/commercial space
  • Commercial tenant finish
  • Plumbing work
  • Electrical work
  • Roofing / reroof or Siding / residing, if over 200 sq.ft.
  • Adding or removing walls or doors
  • Demolition of any structure or a portion thereof

  • Painting
  • Carpet or flooring
  • New thermostat or light switch
  • Changing light fixture (with no wiring changes)
  • Bathroom or ceiling fan replacement (with no wiring changes)
  • Replacing an interior door without the frame
  • Replacing a faucet, garbage disposal, tub, sink or toilet in the same spot (no pipe changes)
  • Tile a shower (with no pipe changes)
  • Installing cabinet, shelves, or countertop
  • Installing gutters or storm windows
  • Pour new concrete patio, driveaway, or on-site walk (min 3 feet from property lines for required drainage)
  • Freestanding shed, 120 sq.ft. or smaller
  • Be aware of setbacks and easements (typically 5’ min. from side & rear). Reference the land use and development code, plat, or development plans for details. Email Planning@johnstownco.gov for information.

Applying for a Permit

Please check our fee schedule for the following fees (and others).

Your building permit application materials should include:

  1. Complete, signed permit application 
  2. Submit a complete set of Building Plans.
  3. Submit your application via email to BuildingPermits@johnstownco.gov for files up to 20MB in size. For files greater than 20MB, use the Town's WeTransfer site. In the message, please include BUILDING DEPARTMENT and the address of the project in addition to any further information.
  4. Fee Payment: Once your applications is accepted as complete, the Building Department will reach out for payment
           a. Plan Review Fees - Master Home Plans and Commercial 
           b. 'Over the counter' permit fee for fence, deck, roof, or similar projects
           c. Fees can be paid over the phone (credit cards up to $1000) or by check at/to Town Hall: 450 S. Parish Ave, Johnstown CO, 80534
  5. If applying for a commercial permit (IBC), you'll need to apply for a permit with the local Fire District as well. 


Depending on the project, the relevant local fire department or county health department will need to be involved. 

Other agencies often have a determined review period for projects that can last as long as 15 or more days in duration. Be aware of this as project timelines are determined for commercial projects. 

Find relevant websites for Commercial Permits below:

Loveland Fire Rescue Authority

Front Range Fire Rescue

Weld County Applications and Permits

Larimer County Food Licensing and Permits

Any parcel that is impacted by the 100-yr (1%) regulatory FEMA Floodplain must also submit a Floodplain Development Permit with the Building Permit application packet, even if the building footprint will not impact or encroach on the floodplain. A Building Permit may not be issued until the Floodplain Development Permit is approved by the Floodplain Administrator in the Planning & Development Department.  

National Hazard Flood Layer (NHFL) Floodplain Map