Johnstown Honors Program



Jamie Barker | Communications Manager


Veterans Recognition Program - Johnstown Honors

The Johnstown Honors Program is a banner program to recognize Johnstown’s past and present members of the US Armed Forces. 

Applicants (servicemembers OR the servicemember’s immediate family) can apply for a banner honoring their servicemember who has lived, or currently lives, in the Town of Johnstown. Applicants must be current residents of the Town of Johnstown. Any applications submitted prior to the first Monday in April will be considered for same-year display.


  • Banners will be hung from the light poles in the Old Town Johnstown area as well as the 2534 Johnstown Plaza area
  • Johnstown Honors banners will be displayed from Memorial Day through Veteran’s Day
  • This program will be annual, with the Town of Johnstown sponsoring the first set of banners
  • Banner applications will be accepted and hung based on banner space availability (meaning depending on demand, a banner might not be hung in the immediate year of its application)
  • Each individual banner will be displayed for 2 years then given to the family of the servicemember (unless the banner is in well enough condition to be put up for another year)
  • All banners, even after their 2 year display period, will be showcased in the Town’s ‘Johnstown Honors’ online gallery


  • Applicants can be servicemembers or the family of a service member
  • Applicants must currently live in Johnstown
  • An Applicant will apply for a banner of their service member to the Town and must provide the following:
    • Applicant state issued ID
    • Service member proof of honorable discharge or current service ID
    • High quality picture of the service member in uniform
    • Name, rank/title, and branch of the armed forces of the service member
  • Banners will be placed in an available location, no specific location request will be accepted.