Johnstown Areas, I25 & 34 and Historic Downtown

Historic Downtown

Downtown Master Plan

The need for the Johnstown Downtown Improvements Master Plan arose out of the Johnstown Area Comprehensive Plan update that was adopted in 2006. The Plan stressed the need to enhance and expand the civic and commercial core of Johnstown in preparation for, and in conjunction with, the growth of the Town. With the growth along I-25 and SH34, downtown Johnstown has begun to experience pressure from new commercial and retail developments. In addition, a shortage of entertainment alternatives, parking concerns, the lack of a cohesive downtown image and lack of public amenities led to the desire for a downtown improvements plan. To address these and other issues, the Downtown Improvements Master Plan was undertaken to develop both a comprehensive vision and a series of strategic projects. The master plan will assist with coordinating public and private investments, and guide the type and location of future improvements within the downtown. Click to read more...

Downtown Design Guidelines

Johnstown, Colorado was settled in the 1860s, growing during the late 19th and early 20th centuries into a regional market community to serve the surrounding local agricultural area.

During this period, a two-block area of Parish Avenue became the commercial and mercantile heart of the growing town, a collection of one- and two-story masonry, wood and stone buildings of historical and architectural significance, worthy of preservation. The Town of Johnstown recognizes that its downtown contains the historic character and charm to remain the heart of the community into the 21st century. A task force was created to guide a downtown master planning and streetscape design process led by Earen Russell of EDAW, Inc., Fort Collins, Colorado. As part of this master planning, the Town Council commissioned the creation of this Downtown Design Guidelines manual in 2008 to assist property owners, developers and residents in preserving and enhancing this irreplaceable community asset - it’s historic downtown. Click to read more....

Economic Incentives

Town Photos

Historic Downtown Johnstown
Photo of Historic Downtown Johnstown
Photo of Downtown Johnstown
Downtown Johnstown
Photo of Parish House Museum
Parish House Museum
Photo of Johnstown Town Hall
Town Hall
Photo of Johnstown Senior Center
Senior Center
Photo of Johnstown Reservoir
Johnstown Reservoir