Town of Johnstown's Unofficial Election Results

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Town of Johnstown’s Unofficial Election Results

Johnstown, CO – April 2, 2024

Town of Johnstown Town Clerk, Hannah Hill, has released the unofficial election results for the Town’s 2024 municipal election.  A total of 2,066 ballots were received by 7pm on election day, April 2, 2024.  Official results will be released on April 10, 2024 following signature verification processes and to allow for the required length of time for overseas military ballots to be received.

Candidates for Mayor

Michael P. Duncan      1,086 Votes
Troy Mellon                871 Votes

Candidates for Council

Damien S. Berg          1,105 Votes
Dee Anne Menzies     1,014 Votes
Matthew G. James     785 Votes
Chad W. Young         1,232 Votes
Michael J. Wolf          977 Votes
Andrew Paranto        1,007 Votes

Ballot Question 251 Amending the Home Rule Charter to include Section 16.4 adopting a Water Policy

Yes            1,187 Votes
No             794 Votes

Ballot Question 264 Amending the Home Rule Charter Section 2.3 of Article 2 regarding Town Council Elected Official Qualifications

Yes            1,085 Votes
No             934 Votes

Ballot Questions 265 Amending the Home Rule Charter Section 2.1.B of Article 2 regarding dividing the electoral districts into wards and districts

Yes            1,272 Votes
No             674 Votes

Official elections results will be posted on the Town of Johnstown website on April 10, 2024.