Letford Elementary Demo and Park Project Page

Letford Elementary Demo and Park


Project Summary

Letford Elementary School was closed for students at the end of the 2021-2022 school year. There are plans to demolish the school and grade much of the existing property (save some playground and statue pieces) and turn the space into a Town park for the benefit of the community.


Project Timeline & Key Milestones

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Project Updates & Impacts


Work on the demolition of Letford Elementary school continues and the space is slowly clearing. The Town will be transferred the property once the work is complete and will begin to assess potential recreational activities for the area. 


Project Goals

  • Convert the former space of Letford Elementary into a Town park for the enjoyment of the community

Project Benefits

  • A new Town park to enjoy recreation and relaxation in

Project Cost & Funding

The part of the project that includes park design, development and construction is financed by the Parks & Open Space Fund, which exists for the purposes of operations, maintenance, and development of the Town’s park, open space, and trail system.


Previous Project Updates

February 2023 Update - Crews are in the first 'haul-off' stage of the Letford Elementary School Demo. This means that they have successfully demolished the planned first part of the building and will be removing the debris from the property. Further demo work will continue in February and March, followed by filling and grading of the property. Demolition is estimated to be complete in mid-Spring 2023.


Project Media