Johnstown Little Thompson Trail Project Page

Little Thompson Trail


Project Summary

This trail will provide a relaxing and much needed recreational footpath for residents and visitors to the Town of Johnstown. It will be a concrete path about 4.330 feet long and 10 feet wide, that meanders from WCR46.5 east of the railroad tracks through the land north of WCR46.5 and ultimately stopping at CR19. The project kickoff meeting for the Little Thompson Trail Project will be in January 2023 with project completion estimated by fall 2023. This project had previously been on hold in an effort to find the best way to preserve the wildlife in the area through the duration of the project.


Project Timeline & Key Milestones
  • January 2023: Contract awarded
  • February 2023: Trail work begins
  • Summer 2023: Phase 1 Concrete work completed


For more project information, contact: 

Ellen Hilbig, Utilities Director
(970) 578-4664


Project Updates & Impacts


It is exciting to have the beginning of a new trail in Town! The contractor has encountered some areas of poor subgrade and has been working on repairs throughout August and into September. Please keep an eye out on the Town’s website and in the Town’s newsletter for information about upcoming Little Thompson Trail phases. 


Project Goals

  • Construct a relaxing recreational footpath for residents and visitors to Johnstown to enjoy
    Avoid disrupting wildlife in the area surrounding the trail

Project Benefits

  • A new Town trail to walk on!

Project Cost & Funding

This project is financed by the Parks & Open Space Fund, which exists for the purposes of operations, maintenance, and development of the Town’s park, open space, and trail system. 


Previous Project Updates

February 2023 Update - Crews have finished clearing brush and preparing the project area for the installation of the trail. Concrete work should begin in March, pending uncooperative weather. At this point, this project is on time for completion. 


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