Raw Water Transmission for the Water Treatment Plant Project Page

Raw Water Transmission Project for the Water Treatment Plant


Project Summary

The Town of Johnstown will be installing approximately 11 miles of 24"-48" diameter raw water transmission mainline to increase the Town's current raw water supply to the Water Treatment Plant. This project complements the Water Treatment Plant Expansion project, which will expand the WTP's treatment capacity by nearly double to 12 million gallons per day with the ultimate build out capacity of the plant being 21 million gallons per day.


Project Timeline & Key Milestones
  • The project is currently in the design phase.  The Town anticipates the design to extend into 2024 with land acquisition following the design
  • Construction schedule: TBD


For more project information, contact: 

Doug Gossett, Civil Engineer II
(970) 578-4664


Project Updates & Impacts


Town Staff received a conceptual design for the project in July. The design engineer is continuing to work with Town Staff to set the final alignment from Lone Tree to the Water Treatment Plant. The primary focus is between Lone Tree Reservoir and Highway 287, which has multiple constraints. The Town and the design engineer have been coordinating with property owners, Home Supply Ditch Company, the TPC golf course, and utility providers to coordinate the design. Meetings have been held with neighboring jurisdictions to determine their review and permitting processes.


Project Goals

  • To increase raw water capacity to the Water Treatment Plant.

Project Benefits

  • Reliable raw water supply for Water Treatment Plant's future increased capacity 
  • Improved raw water reliability to the Water Treatment Plan

Project Cost & Funding

This project is financed by the Water Fund, one of Johnstown’s enterprise funds. The Water Fund is responsible for the maintenance, expansion and capital improvements of the water treatment and delivery infrastructure in Town.  


Previous Project Updates

February 2023 Update - Town Staff and the design engineer held a workshop to discuss alignment options. The design engineer will continue to work with Town Staff to set the final alignment from Lone Tree to the Water Treatment Plant. The Town is also working with Home Supply on the location of the new pump station.

December 2022 Update - Town staff is working with Civil Resources to put together options to determine the best routing and location for a new pipeline. 


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