Johnstown Announces Local Property Tax Rebate for Residential Homeowners

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News Release

Johnstown, CO – February 22, 2024– In response to the dramatic increase in residential property tax valuations in 2023, Mayor Mellon and Town Council have taken action by approving a $650,000 local property tax rebate for residential homeowners. This local rebate, when combined with a state-legislated property tax reduction of $376,948, will provide over $1 million in tax relief to Johnstown’s residential property owners.

Following the recent property value reassessments conducted by County Assessors in 2023, initial estimates indicated a $1.19 million increase in residential property taxes.  In light of this, the Council devised a plan to provide a residential property tax rebate to homeowners and incorporated the provision into the 2024 Budget.  The adoption of Resolution 2024-09 on February 21, 2024, finalizes the rebate plan. This initiative aims to directly assist homeowners burdened by rising property tax obligations.

Rebate checks will be processed and mailed to residential property owners in late August or early September after the receipt of property tax revenues by the Town. Distribution will be based on individual home values, ensuring equitable distribution across the community. To qualify for the rebate, homeowners must fulfill their 2023 tax obligations by June 15, 2024. The process is streamlined, with eligible recipients automatically receiving the rebate without any additional steps required.   This tax rebate will reduce the Town’s increase in residential property taxes from the original 35.64% to 5.06%.

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Town of Johnstown
Meghan Martinez, Communications Manager

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