Johnstown Presses Pause on Downtown Wayfinding Signage Project

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Johnstown, CO – March 5, 2024

After carefully considering resident feedback, the Town of Johnstown has made the decision to put the downtown wayfinding signage project on hold and fully reevaluate the program. This pause reflects the Town’s commitment in listening to and prioritizing the needs and preferences of our Community members.  

In recent weeks, the Mayor and Town Council have received valuable feedback from residents and stakeholders. Based on this feedback, the Town has concluded that it is wise to reevaluate the project’s scope and objectives before proceeding further. As part of the reevaluation, the Town intends to receive additional feedback from the Community about the right direction for this project. We want to ensure that it looks and feels like what we want in Downtown Johnstown, while also keeping a close eye on the financial elements of such a project.

The Mayor and Council recognize the need to clarify some information about the project and address misunderstandings that are circulating through the community.  We are committed to making these necessary clarifications prior to proceeding with future work.

Although the wayfinding signage project is currently on hold, our commitment to investing in our businesses and enhancing the downtown experience for residents and visitors remains a priority. We are devoted to improving accessibility, navigation, and the overall experience for Downtown Johnstown.

We extend our gratitude to all residents, business owners, and community members who have actively participated in providing feedback and contributing to the dialogue surrounding this initiative. Your input is crucial in shaping the future of our town, and we look forward to continued collaboration as we work towards common goals to enhance the quality of life for all.