Strategic Plan


The Town of Johnstown has recently adopted a Strategic Plan that will serve as a roadmap to help us work toward our goals, improve Town services, and enhance the quality of life for all Johnstown residents.

This strategic plan encapsulates the collective insights of over 1,000 participants, including citizens, business leaders, municipal staff members, management, community groups, and Council. The goal was to construct a community-based plan, incorporating crucial information gleaned from a community survey, dialogues with department leaders, workshops with elected officials, one-on-one interviews with citizens, and engagements with community groups and staff. Through these varied activities, a wealth of ideas, concerns, themes goals, and strategies emerged, all aimed at enhancing the Town of Johnstown and the municipal organization. 

Stay tuned to the Town website, newsletter and social media for more information as we work to implement this new Strategic Plan and incorporate it into Town projects and messaging. Thank you to all residents and stakeholders who shared their thoughts and feelings with us during this process. This new Strategic Plan will help us serve you better and contribute to an enhanced quality of life in the Community That Cares!